Singing the soul and the party away,Solidarity Struggle New Sacrifice Jianjun Urbanization Company continuously promotes theme education and goes deeply
Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2023-10-27

    In -depth implementation of Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era,Comprehensively study, propagate and implement the 20th spirit of the party,Jianjun Urbanization Company combined with annual work arrangements,Opportunity to learn and implement Xi Jinping's theme of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era,Carry out a series of activities,Constantly improving the combat effectiveness of grass -roots party organizations,Ensure that party history learning and education is implemented。

    1. Attach great importance to the deployment of the secrets, 2024 European Cup Live Football Score Bettingand condense the development

    According to the notification requirements issued by the party committee of the superior,Building an investment urbanization company attaches great importance to,Hold a special meeting for the first time to arrange deployment,MeetingRequire party members to improve political standing、Deepen the ideological understanding,Effectively enhance the political consciousness and action consciousness of the theme education; deeply understand the significance of theme education,Grasp "Learning Thought、Strong Party Sex、heavy practice、Building New Gong "general requirements,Deepening the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Jinping,Combining the theme education with the company's key work,Adhere to the goal leadership and problem -oriented,Application for it,Promote to promote; give full play to the role of vanguard,Focus on improving the consciousness,Really transform the effectiveness of learning into a firm ideals and beliefs、Strengthening party spirit cultivation、Do my job、The vivid practice of promoting the development of the company,It helps the company's high -quality The best European Cup 2024 betting sitesdevelopment with strong measures; carefully deployment,Accurate Implementation,Theme education should be used as an important political task for the present and in the future,Make sure the theme education specification is orderly、Performing solidly、Get results。

    2. Organize it with multiple measures, and take responsibility as a heavy implementation

    (1) A firm ideals and beliefs, carry out special party class activities

In -depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideological theme education,It is a major measure to implement the 20th spirit of the party。In order to further strengthen the construction of learning -type party organizations and party members,Company Party Committee Secretary、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Company、Company 1、Secretary of the two branches all submit self -topics,The main purpose is "Learning and Implementing Xi Jinping's Thoughts on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era",Each vivid party lesson for all party members of the company。Party lesson is closely related to the company's actual,Guide all party members to talk about party spirit、Make an example,The best European Cup 2024 betting sitesconstantly firm ideals and beliefs,Continue to strengthen the party's innovation theory armed forces,Improve the ability to learn and practice,Effectively transforming theme education learning results into specific ideas and measures for promoting work,Effectively solve the actual problems and problems that plagued the development of the company。

    7Month 14th,Carry out the theme party day activity of "Inheriting the Red Gene" and the party committee of the party committee secretary。All party members and cadres and newly transferred party members,Under the leadership of the company's party committee secretary,Further enhanced the awareness of party spirit and pioneer consciousness。During the lecture on the special party class,,The Secretary of the Party Committee with "The majestic and powerful power of the new journey is",Strive to do it really,Make every effort to promote the implementation of new urbanization construction with Chinese characteristics "as the topic to carry out the topic party lesson lectures。A total of 110 party members in the party branch of the enterprise of the enterprise participated in the form of video,Fully take the lead to lead the full coverage of high The best European Cup 2024 betting sites-quality development and promote theme education。

    (2) Carry out the red reading and reading activity of "Song of the Party and Casting Loyalty"

    According to the company's study and implementation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideological theme education arrangements,Topic theme of learning and implementing Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics,Organize red reading "Reading a Book" and solicit reading experience activities,The original text and exchange discussion of "Xi Jinping's New Era Socialist Thought Special Thoughts" and "Selected Reading of Xi Jinping's Works in the New Era",Guide all party members to combine reading and work,In -depth List of General Secretary Xi Jinping's latest important speech spirit,Perform the essence of thought。Really draw wisdom from the book、Armed mind,Master the ideological methods and working methods contained in it,Stimulation while using theoretical knowledge guidance practice,Pay attention to improving the theoretical system in practice,Continuous progress in learning。

   (3) Carry out "the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the theme education The best European Cup 2024 betting sitesknowledge answer" activity

    The company always adheres to the "casting soul with learning、Learn to increase wisdom、Learning to righteousness、Learn to promote dry ",The theoretical learning as the fundamental prerequisite and the top priority of the preliminary work of the theme education,Persist in Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics to cast the soul,Continuously strengthening the problem orientation in theoretical learning、Practical orientation、Requirements orientation。To further promote theme education to go deeply,Create a strong atmosphere for learning to catch up,All employees of the Company Organization Headquarters to carry out the 20th National Congress of the Party and theme education knowledge answers。The content of the answer should be known to the theme education、The 20 major reports of the party are mainly knowledge,It aims to test the theme education staged learning results,Further encourage all employees to promote the initiative,Effectively transforming learning results into work motivation to promote development,Provide scientific guidance for the theme education to implement the implementation。

    Through the development European Online Sports Betting 2024of "Casting the Soul of the Soul and the Party,Unity Struggle New Journey "series of activities,Further strengthen all employees' confidence and beliefs guided by Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics,Enhanced the party spirit and consciousness of the majority of party members,Improving the cohesion of the party organization and directional force。At the same time,These activities have also inspired the active initiative of each party member。Future,The company will unite more closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core,Continue unity and struggle,Combined with the annual work arrangement,Guide all party members to move forward in the new journey,Contribute to the company's achieve high -quality development。

(Confer manuscript of Ye Yihui, a urbanization company in Jiaotu)