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Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2023-10-26

    In order to further deepen the work of building investment energy anti -corruption work,Combined with the relevant requirements of the construction of disciplinary inspection and supervision and disciplinary inspection and supervision teams in the new era and new situation,The CCP Energy Discipline Inspection Commission is promoted and shared in good experience and practices in the "second half of the article" for disciplinary review。

Investment Energy Company has a wide range of regional distribution,Many staff,The characteristics of wide business coverage,From the perspective of various cases that have occurred and investigated 2024 European Cup Live Football Scores Resultsin the construction of investment -investment energy systems in recent years,Doing a good disciplinary review "The second half of the article" is the need for discipline review in the new era and new situation,It is also a direct manifestation of maximizing the effectiveness of anti -corruption work.,For the energy of construction investment,Do a good job of disciplinary review "the second half of the article" is not only an inevitable requirement for helping to promote the "three non -rot"。It is also a necessary means to continuously cultivate good political ecology for enterprises。It is an important way to improve the business quality of discipline inspection and supervision cadres,It has profound practical significance。

a、Grasp the case to warn the case,Building a firm line of thought of party members and cadres, refusing corruption and anti -changes

Do a good job of disciplinary review "The second half of the article",Pay attention to the disciplinary function and teaching function of disciplinary review,Strict investigation of cases,Deepen warning education,To be punished and defensive、2024 European Cup Live Football Score BettingSpecimen and Treatment。Make full use of case resources,Fully draw on the lesson of typical cases,Constantly improving the targeted and effectiveness of the alarm with the case,The more the people around you are,The more questions related to yourself,The greater the warning effect played,Make the commandments and sanctions decide from the past "a piece of paper" to "a class" and "one -sided mirror",Through a centralized learning discussion、Special Warning Education Conference、Organizational visits to warning education base、Hold a special democratic life meeting and organizational life meeting in the form.,Guide the majority of party members and cadres based on the case,Building a solid defense line for rejection of corruption and degeneration。

2. Pay attention to the entire chapter system, supplement systemic and institutional shortcomings

Do a good job of disciplinary review "The second half of the article",Through the case, the enterprise has high incidence in recent years、Easy -to -hair clean government risk points to sort out The best European Cup 2024 betting sitesand check,Systemic、Institutional management vulnerability to block,Amend the management system and related regulations as soon as possible for the problems found,To achieve "dead sheep to make up、Not late ",For the areas and systems of frequent cases,Actively give play to the correction function of disciplinary inspection suggestions and supervision proposals,Point problems to relevant units in time、Make suggestions,Supervise the risk vulnerability、Improve and perfect work mechanism,Guarantee high -quality development of enterprises。

By combing the investigation and the entire chapter system,The system construction in the "second half of the article" will be done in a more prominent position,constantly tighten the system cage,Objectively and effectively prevent the occurrence of violations of discipline and violations。

3、Do a good job of "re -inventory" for the case,Improve the business quality of disciplinary inspection and supervision cadres

Do a good job of disciplinary review "The second half of the article",To "recur" the case,

The majority of disciplinary inspection and supervision cadres European Cup 2024 top scorer oddscherish the opportunity to participate in the verification of previous cases,Put out a certain time to "re -invent" the case,By convening the disciplinary committee、Case Symposium、Case simulation and other forms,What the case handling process has been sorted out without strict in accordance with the regulations,What evidence materials are more conducive to determining the facts of the case、What are the regulations、Terms、Guidelines and systems have better qualitative and quantitative personnel for handling people involved,During the inspection and review investigation process,Whether the high quality cases have emerged and the efficient case -processed thinking and method of handling cases,Summary summary of the above problems and good experience,While the disciplinary review of the "last mile",Looking back at the road you have walked,To do a case、Leap once,Finally through the "re -inventory" of the case,Improve the overall business level of disciplinary inspection and supervision cadres and the efficiency of handling cases。

Fourth, insist on strict management European Online Sports Betting 2024and love, inspire party members and cadres to act as

Do a good job of disciplinary review "The second half of the article",Except the authority of practical maintenance、Extraordinary,Persevere and combine strict management and love。According to the requirements of the relevant system,Strengthen the return education and help Guan Ai of the party members and cadres。It is obviously inconsistent with the facts after verification of the case of the case,Apocalypse、Comrades who framed and caused a certain impact,The unit where it is located should be clarified and protected within a certain range,Get "three distinguished",Comrades who have a greater influence on the case,It is recommended that the person in charge of the corporate party organization or disciplinary inspection and supervision agency conduct a psychological guidance and conversation of it,Inspired party members and cadres as,escort the real officer entrepreneurs。

Alert by a case、The whole chapter system、Case "reinstation" and strict control of love further do a good job of disciplinary review "the second half of the article",The "drumstick" of the "first half of The best European Cup 2024 betting sitesthe half" work will be simply disciplined,Transforming into a disciplinary review "first half" work and "second half of the article" "dumbbells",Therefore, the management of the entire cycle and process of the case,Maximize the effectiveness of "combining combination" of anti -corruption work,Finally promoting the integration of construction investment energy to promote the "three non -corruption" and comprehensively and strictly govern the party to develop in depth。

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