Nine Highlights help Shahe Power Generation Company High -quality Development
Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2023-02-15

2022year,Shahe Power Generation Company Facing the epidemic prevention and control、Unit maintenance、Power guarantee、Key work such as scientific and technological innovation,Actively implement the company's decision -making deployment,Scientific Plan、Coordinating and taking into account,Decisively implement a series of conventional、Breakthrough work measures,Go all out to grasp safety、Power protection、Coal control,Complete the work tasks of annual safety production in the best place。The company is safe、Environmental Protection,Focus on key difficulties and tasks,Continuously upgraded for environmental protection and control、Soaring coal price、Deep peak adjustment normalization and other unfavorable situations,Do a good job of the construction of the "dual control" system、Steady promotion of 7S production civilization governance、Strengthening defect reliability management、Optimized energy consumption index assessment, etc.,Struggle for hard work、Satal "Answers"。

Strengthening technical support,Multiple measures to achieve the annual four -tube zero leak。To do a good job of the preparation of the four tube leakage of the boiler,2022 The company carried out in -depth technical research,Improve the "Measures for Preventing the Management of Four Pipes of Boilers",sorted out and summarized the case of four tube leaks that occurred over the years、The faults occurred in the same type of units European Online Sports Betting 2024and the characteristics of frequent peak operation operations,Formulate a targeted inspection plan。Adopt the comparison of the temperature measuring point in the furnace of the furnace、Explosion -proof inspection table account diagram、Visualization and other means,Timely finding the hidden dangers of the equipment,Avoid non -stop、The occurrence of a non -reduction accident。Strengthen metal supervision,Taking the heating surface for spraying、Based on the chemical cleaning of boiler,and boiler manufacturer、The Academy of Electrical Sciences and other full communication surveys,Use maintenance opportunities to perform water -cooled wall anti -cracking treatment,Thoroughly eliminate hidden dangers of water -cooled wall leaks,The four pipes and zero leaks were achieved throughout the year,It guarantees the safe and stable operation of the unit。

Strengthening red line consciousness,Fine management and control realizes the annual environmental protection zero over limit。To achieve the goal of "comprehensive indicator back ten",In 2022, Xingtai City put forward more stringent environmental protection requirements。Facing the new situation、New requirements,The company's internal strengthening supervision and management,Strengthen communication and coordination,Actively adopt environmental protection normalized supervision、Improve the level of control of environmental protection indicators、Strengthen a series of measures such as communication and coordination with environmental protection departments and environmental protection data management,The whole year can achieve stable emissions of the stable emissions of the pollutants outside the flue gas,No environmental pollution incident,The total amount of pollutant emissions decreased by 13%year -on -year,Good completion of annual environmental target tasks,I contributed to regional environmental protection。

Strengthen European Cup 2024 top scorer oddsthe bottom line thinking,Build a line of defense to improve the safety level。In the second quarter of 2022,Under the severe situation in the shortage supply of power supply in Hebei,Company according to the requirements of superiors,Conductal deployment、Action Quick,Actively respond to the unstable price of electric coal、Energy insurance supply tension、The continuous spread of the new crown epidemic situation,The spirit and courage to scramble for the "bright sword",Active attack,Political responsibility to firmly carry the power protection of electricity,Formulate hard core measures,Fully turn on the electricity protection mode。For safe production、epidemic prevention and control、fuel protection、epidemic prevention and control、Network information and other key tasks put forward clear requirements,Strengthening production and operation management,Optimized unit running adjustment,Guarantee equipment peak power generation ability,Make every effort to ensure the safe and stable supply of electricity during peak summer.,The title of "Advanced Enterprise of Hebei South Network Electric Power Guarantee" in the second quarter,Establish a new image of the company's essential security。

Strengthening benchmarking consciousness,Deep dumping Realization Index New Breakthrough。Standard management of energy consumption indicators is one of the key tasks of the year。Company overcomes environmental management control upgrades、Single -machine running time is long、Loading rate decreases、Deep peak adjustment frequency、There are many unfavorable factors such as coal quality decline,By strengthening the energy efficiency countermeasure、Refined energy consumption index management、Optimized operation method、Effective measures for equipment governance,Deep mining energy saving potential,Various indicators are in a good trend,The European Cup 2024 top scorer oddselectricity rate of power supply and power plant is significantly better than the same period。In terms of energy consumption index management,Preparation of "Shahe Company 2022 Energy Consumption Management Regulations",Determine the target responsibility to the person。Deepen the benchmark management,Research on advanced enterprises、Make a benchmark with the Shengshou Unit,Analysis gap,Formulate and take corresponding countermeasures。With the help of information platform,Establishing production indicators "Daily Analysis、Week statistics、Monthly Report "mechanism,Changes of the normalization tracking index changes,Monitor the deviation index in time to monitor and early warning,Proposal to optimize countermeasures,Forms closed -loop management。In terms of oil -saving management,Actively explore new ways of oil -saving,Improve the burning effect through the transformation of gasification oil gun,Adjustment of performance incentive rules to improve energy saving enthusiasm of operators,Delivery、Aid、New breakthroughs in starting oil,Implement the unit 240MW or more without oil,Started oil consumption to the minimum value since putting it on for production,Two refresh the crew cold -state starting fuel -saving record。

Reinforcement target traction,Active consumption of continuous improvement of equipment reliability。The company always puts safety production work first,Deepen the "zero defect" concept,Combined with equipment characteristics,Reasonable arrangement of maintenance focus,Organize and improve the company's defect management standards and related assessment rules,Planning from the perspective of the safe and reliable perspective of the full life cycle of the equipment,Decomposition of the total number of defects according to the responsibility department,Give full play to the initiative of various production departments,2024 European Cup Live Football Scores ResultsActively discovered the proportion of eliminating defects throughout the year increased significantly,Total defects decreased by 23.66%year -on -year,The lowest value of history since the production is put into production。To further summarize experience,Summary organizational crew since putting into production for the equipment typical defects,Edit and publish "600MW unit defect management experience and typical defect analysis",A strong guiding significance of defect management,greatly improved equipment reliability。

Reinforcement process control,Lean Maintenance improvement unit performance。For efficient completion of#1 unit A inspection、#2 Units C inspection and public system maintenance work,Organize the bottom of the equipment before the maintenance,Sort the defects and maintenance items that need to be eliminated、Summary,Do a good job of comprehensive preparations,Make sure the hidden dangers of the crew can be completely eliminated in the maintenance。 #1 The A checkpoint of the unit mainly performed the turbine flow gap、Optimization of generator rotor structure、Boiler Thermal Explosion -proof treatment、Replacement of heat storage components in the aircraft、During the treatment of dust collector filter bag,Effectively improved the thermal consumption rate of auto machine、boiler efficiency、Air pre -leakage、Differential pressure of smoke system,Eliminated#1 generator vibration abrupt and other problems,Effectively improved the reliability and economy of the crew。 #2 Unit C checks out the hidden dangers of the crew of the crew、25 anti -measures rectification、Environmental protection equipment inspection and maintenance。Focus on carrying out heating surface anti -wear and explosion -proof treatment、Repairing the spray nozzle of the tower、Wind -induced motor replacement work,strongly improved the overall performance of the crew。

Effective benefit orientation,Think of way to promote "open source" to increase income。In 2022,The company strictly implements the "two rules",Obief scheduling management,Meet the peak adjustment requirements in time,Actively take an application for exemption,Maximize the benefit for the company。Actively grab provincial power spot and peak in the province、High -priced benefits of the peak hours,Guarantee unit's peak ability,Fully suppress the low -cost electricity volume during the low valley period in the province。Strengthen the refined adjustment adjustment、Peak income to the maximum,Finally realized the company's spot income、Electricity during the time period、Full caliber electricity price、Two rules、Peak -regulating income in five aspects ranked among the top of Hebei South China System Enterprise,Make a prominent contribution to the reduction of losses for Shahe Company。

Strengthening scientific policy,Together to win the battle against the epidemic prevention and control。In 2022, I experienced multiple rounds of epidemic impact。Facing the sudden epidemic,Company decisively take effective measures,The risk of the epidemic is quickly controlled。With the changes in the epidemic situation,The company is optimized due to the situation and adjusts prevention and control measures,Persist in overall planning、Scientific prevention and control、Precise policy,Reasonably arrange the production personnel in the factory,Optimize operation of running out of shift and value,Master the physical condition and ideological dynamics of employees at any time,firmly grasp the strategic initiative of resistance,The epidemic is always in orderly control,Guaranteed the company's production and operation work is smooth and controllable,Fer the task of the epidemic prevention and control。

Strengthen innovation driver,Technology empowerment to promote the company's high -quality development。The best European Cup 2024 betting sitesIn 2022, the company always puts scientific and technological innovation management to the first place,In -depth scientific and technological innovation work,Establish a complete scientific and technological innovation system,Get a series of scientific and technological innovation results。Actively carry out QC group activities,Promote all staff to participate in quality improvement,3 topics won the Provincial Outstanding Achievement Award, 1 item won the second prize of the results of the excellent QC group activity of the Provincial Power Bank Association,2 items won the third prize,The company obtained the title of "Excellent Enterprise of the Hebei Provincial Quality Management Group Activity in 2022"。Organize 15 items of scientific and technological research and development projects,14 items of patent declaration,Among them, 3 items of invention patents,5 items obtained by obtaining a practical new patent certificate,1 item soft,4 items authorized announcement,Monogenesis publish 1 item,Following the "National High -tech Enterprise" and "Hebei Province Science and Technology Small and Medium Enterprise" in 2021,In 2022, he successfully won the title of "Hebei Innovative SME",Improving production efficiency,Promote the high -quality development of the enterprise。

Shahe Company will be under the guidance of the 20th spirit,Gathering the majesty of all cadres and employees,Scientific planning for key work in 2023,Solidly promote the deep integration of party building and production and operation,Transforming the spirit of the enterprise into the action of the officer to start a business,With the spirit of "break"、"Creating" strength、"dry" style,aiming at the new goal,Stepping on the new journey,Erotic mental state、More grand struggle posture,Promote the company's high -quality development。

                           (Supply of Zhang Ruibing, Shahe Power Generation Company)