Shouyang thermal Electric European Online Sports Betting 2024Company organized the first plenary session of the first union member congress of the union members
Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2023-02-15

2month 13,Shouyang Thermal Electric Company held the first plenary meeting of the company's first union member congress,Company 35 members (employees) representatives attended the meeting。Wang Xu, deputy general manager of the European Online Sports Betting 2024company chaired the meeting.

The meeting first voted and approved the election method,Five members of the first trade union committee of the company in the form of unknown voting,Member of the first trade union funding review committee of the company。Deputy General Manager of the Investment Energy Company、The Secretary of the Shouyang thermal Electric Party Branch Guo Qiang to the company'European Online Sports Betting 2024s newly elected member of the first trade union committee、Member of the First Trade Union Fund Censorship Committee expressed congratulations,At the same time, the two committees and all members (employees) represent the requirements and efforts of the future work。

The first trade union committee of the company、The Capital Examination Committee is generated,2024 European Cup Live Football Scores ResultsIt marks the further improvement of corporate democratic management at the company level、Platform of democratic supervision and democratic political construction,exercise democratic management power for employees in accordance with the law、Express the desire for demand、Promoting fairness and justice、Maintaining unity and stability creates favorable conditions。

Conference European Cup 2024 top scorer oddscalls on the company's unions to unite and mobilize the majority of employees to take responsibility、Framented for Agreement、Actively as、True grasping hard,Efforts to create a new situation for the high -quality development of Shouyang thermal power。

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