Zunhua Thermal Electric Company played newcomer European Online Sports Betting 2024training & ldquo; trilogy & rdquo;
Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2023-02-15

Recent,Zunhua Thermal Electric Mercy Arrangement,Reading newcomer skills training "training、Exam、Assessment "trilogy,Fully improve the level of skills and security protection of new employees。

Precise training, take multiple measures to take effective results.The training tasks of the three stages of the newcomer layout,What The best European Cup 2024 betting sitesis missing、What to make up for,What to use、What to learn what to learn,Formulate a targeted monthly training plan。During the training process,Trainee students complete the relevant training tasks on time,Master supervise the completion of the apprentice training task,Responsible for answering questions and explanations。The new employee is based on the team's learning,Special lectures by related 2024 European Cup Live Football Score Bettingprofessional and technical personnel every month、Technical Q&A、Technical Q&A,Let everyone learn to eat thoroughly to eat through the training content。

Promote learning with the exams, than learning to catch up without slackness.For the facts、Do a detailed training work,Professional executives conduct at least two on -site questions to trainees per week,Damn long at least two on -site questions and scores per 2024 European Cup Live Football Score Bettingclass,And the department arrange written homework for trainees each stage。Perform 2024 European Cup Live Football Score Bettingprofessional and technical knowledge test on trainees every month,Promote learning with exams,Create the atmosphere of the Learning Excellence。

Stimulation of motivation, awarding the mechanism of priority and punishment.Pay attention to the daily training of the trainees、Training test results include monthly performance 2024 European Cup Live Football Score Bettingevaluation,Timely rewarding the performance in a timely manner,Evaluation of the responsible person who fails to meet the training results。Effectively inspires everyone to grasp the training progress,Enhance work enthusiasm,Established a long -term mechanism for training and assessment incentives。

                              (Zunhua Thermal Electric Company Wang Jun's contribution)