Hansang Railway Company won the first prize of the Hebei Scenario Innovation Competition (advanced computing power field)
Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2024-07-09

7month 3,2024 Hebei Scenario Innovation Contest (advanced computing power field) finals held in Xiong'European Cup 2024 top scorer oddsan New District,The "Intelligent Inspection and Inspection System of Railway Railway Status" reported by the Hanshu Railway Co., Ltd. won the first prize。

The competition is "scene innovation,Empowerment Industry "as the theme,Integrity of the industrial digital transformation around the calculation force、Construction of computing power center construction and other technical needs,Portable power+traffic、Computing power+high -end equipment manufacturing and other tracks。This competition brings together high schools inside and outside the province、Scientific Research Institute、148 units such The best European Cup 2024 betting sitesas technology companies,78 participating teams to the finals in the finals for the same stage。The participating projects of the Handong Railway as the only digital railway project in the traffic track,shows the effectiveness of scene innovation in scenes for many years、Fusion of Science and Technology Team、Computing Power Application Innovation、The results of the transformation of scientific research results,Get unanimous recognition from the on -site judges,Project scoring high algorithm+traffic track first,The physical algorithm demonstration provided at the scene has become a hot area European Online Sports Betting 2024for the participating teams and organizers to compete for exchange experience。

Company's participating project "Integrated intelligent inspection and inspection system for car track space for railway rails",Take the Intelligent Test of the Intelligent Railway Railway as a scene,Gathered the Chinese Academy of Sciences、Peking University、The core R & D team of Beijing University of Technology,Relying on the strong computing power support of China Electronic Cloud,Building empty、Car、Rail all -weather three -dimensional railway rail inspection system,Pay inspections through the European Online Sports Betting 2024drone、Trial of rail vehicles、In -depth integration of functions such as sound temperature vibration orbit monitoring and Beidou positioning、Drone group control and mount、Bionic visual、Multi -mode state perception、Comprehensive use of cloud edge -end collaboration equivalent intelligent technology,High generalization、Strong Random、Wide open deep learning algorithm,The comprehensive scenario verification of multi -mode detection in the railway industry has taken the lead in verification,The detection rate and detection accuracy reached the domestic leading level。The physical scene traction European Cup 2024 top scorer oddsdisplayed by the innovative project、World -class scientific research team leaders、Reserve for top colleges、The technical route supported by the technical support of central enterprises shows the cooperation road for technology and scenes to win a win -win cooperation。

This award,It is a positive affirmation of Hanghuang's long -term scientific research work,It is also continuous exploration of Hanshuang Company on the road of scientific and technological innovation、Encouragement of continuing to move forward。Han Huang Company will continue to adhere to "based on production scene,Innovation -driven 2024 European Cup Live Football Score BettingDevelopment "technology creative efficiency concept,Smart transformation for enterprises、High -quality development、Cultivation of new quality productivity contribution。

                                       (Conferring in Zhang Huiqing, Hanghuang Railway Company)