Langfang European Cup 2024 top scorer oddsQingquan Water Supply Company: No fear & ldquo; roast & rdquo; fully & ldquo; Khan & rdquo;
Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2024-07-09

Facing high temperature continuity for the next day,Langfang European Cup 2024 top scorer oddsQingquan Water Supply Company's front -line employees are not afraid of high temperature "baking" test,Persist in the front line of water supply in the city,Make every effort to protect the water supply "lifeline"。They always believe that they have a more than a drop of sweat,Any user is more at ease; one more insistence,An city is more stable。

No fear of "baking" test, unblocking the city's "lifeline".Summer sunshine is burning the ground like a fire。In such a high temperature and hot summer weather,Wang Jiancheng of Langfang European Cup 2024 top scorer oddsQingquan Water Supply Company and his colleagues rushed to the streets and alleys,Inspect Water Watch Well、Fire Protection、Auxiliary equipment such as the valve of the water supply pipe network,Ensure that the "lifeline" of the city is unimpeded,Healthy operation。
    "Actually,Our pipe network inspection work started at 6 am,In order to ensure that users in the community use water with peace of mind,Usually it is half a day when it comes out。"Wang Jiancheng, the person in charge of the second area of ​​water supply。"Because most old communities have no secondary pressure equipment,So we must make sure that the water supply pipe network in this area is unblocked,water supply pressure can be more stable,Water is more sufficient。”

Langfang European Cup 2024 top scorer oddsQingquan Water Supply Company is fully 2024 European Cup Live Football Scores Resultsguaranteed the college entrance examination、After the high school entrance examination and the "6.16" economic and trade conference, after the water supply work,In order to concentrate on investing in the old community to protect the supply mission。On the side of the intersection of Guangyang Road and Xinkai Road,Inspectors picked up the iron hook,Open the manhole cover for a while,The water meter well suddenly turns into a "steamer",The hot air in the water meter well is mixed with the unpleasant smell and comes,But Wang Jiancheng and his colleagues did not slack at all,They wipe sweat with the back of their hands,Open the handheld app inspection system,Check the relevant information carefully,Sometimes it is necessary to go to the mud deposited after the rain in the water meter.,Finally, the well cover recovery。Wang Jiancheng and his colleagues are so simple、Repeated,But the duties of the inspector of a water supply pipe The best European Cup 2024 betting sitesnetwork day after day。

Company 9 inspectors,4 inspection vehicles,Only the total mileage of inspection in the first half of the year is over 8867 kilometers,The comprehensive inspection method of "step tour+car tour" and "day tour, night tour",Taking information technology such as smart pipe network GIS system as supplementary means,Make all -weather equipment and facilities in the entire line of water supply and water recasting of urban areas、Inspection and maintenance of the whole process,Go all out to do a good job of water supply protection,Make sure the city's water supply pipeline network is unblocked。

Fully "Khan" Guard, stick to the "water source" day and night.High temperature for even the day in a row,Urban area increased sharply,At present, a single -day water supply has refreshed the historical peak,In recent days, the water consumption in the urban area has continued to be around 200,000 cubic meters per day。Langfang European Cup 2024 top scorer oddsQingquan Water Supply Company Staff at the staff of the water source war high temperature、Dou cool summer,Always stick to the front line,Fully "Khan" Wei Shui Source Surveying and other work,Make sure the urban water supply normally。
    High -temperature weather for many consecutive days makes the surface water plant membrane workshop into a huge "sauna house"。In the workshop with high humidity and temperature, only daily inspections and maintenance work,Sweat when I go in。But the high -temperature "roasting" test does not affect the working status of employees,They carefully implement various inspection tasks one by one。

"During the peak water supply period,We will strengthen the comprehensive inspection of water supply facilities and equipment、Maintenance work。Applying at the same time to increase the flow of water entry,Ensure a sufficient amount of water source。"Langfang European Cup 2024 top scorer oddsQingquan Water Supply Company Dato Water Factory 2024 European Cup Live Football Score BettingOperating Class Dato Datram Dai Gaole introduced。

It is understood,Langfang European Cup 2024 top scorer oddsQingquan Water Supply Company further optimized and adjusted the surface water plant summer peak water supply scheduling scheme,Analysis prediction in advance,Reasonably formulate an emergency plan to ensure water supply scheduling; and introduce the "Head Head" system in May,Provided real -time for the dispatcher、Comprehensive、Accurate live information,so that they can be faster、More accurate decision -making and sends dispatch instructions。Monitoring System at the same time through water supply scheduling,Dynamic monitoring the city's water pressure,Reinforcement Analysis Application,Coordinated coordination and coordination,Give full play to the ability to regulate,Make sure that the amount of water is sufficient、Water stabilization。
   other,To ensure the safety of water quality in the city,Langfang European Cup 2024 top scorer oddsQingquan Water Supply Company firmly relies on the "three -level 2024 European Cup Live Football Scores Resultswater quality monitoring mechanism",Strict implementation of the relevant system of water quality detection,combined with the characteristics of raw water in summer,Pay close attention to changes in water quality at the source,Adjust the detection frequency in time,Add test items,24 hours of uninterrupted important indicators of water quality monitoring,Build a full range of water quality safety barriers,Continue to provide users with safe and high -quality "rest assured water"。

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