Xintian Caofeidian Company successfully refresh the minimum record of Q-MAX LNG ship connection and unloading
European Online Sports Betting 2024Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2024-06-20

2024June 15th at 08:30,The Marshall Islands Q-MAX ship type "Al Dafna" (Dafa) Ring LNG ship is at the right new heaven Caofeidian Company 3#Pier。As the largest LNG transport ship in the world,The captain 345.33 meters、53.8 meters wide,On May 26, 2024, he drove to Caofeidian Port, Tangshan after loading in Port Laslafan。Xintian Caofeidian Company's production and operation center through uninterrupted continuous 2024 European Cup Live Football Scores Resultsoperations,The ship left at 16:15 on the 16th,The Q-MAX type LNG ship was achieved "on the first day,Divide the next day "。"Dafa" wheels in Hong Kong for less than 32 hours,Created the company's shortest time record for the company's largest LNG ship type。


"Dafa" is the 6th ship that the company has taken over this year,The period of the ship's arrival in Hong Kong coincides with the monthly production safety month。Xintian Caofeidian Company's Production and European Cup 2024 top scorer oddsOperation Center insists on tightening the "valve" of safe production,Precision Organization,Scientific planning,Effectively realize the full -loop management of LNG ship connection and unloading process,Ensure that the unloading operation is safe and orderly: strictly review the coastal compatibility before loading,I will understand the precautions before participating in the ship before moving,Formulate and implement a special ship removal European Cup 2024 top scorer oddsplan,Regular ship safety inspections,The dock represents and the ship's on behalf of the ship to deal with the emergency situation,Drag wheel and alert ship guarantee waters safety,Monitor the cable tension throughout the process,Follow the weather and notify the ship in advance,Formulate operating procedures and emergency plans,Summarize the question after unloading and make suggestions for improvement。

The safe connection of the "Dafa" wheel,It European Cup 2024 top scorer oddsmarks that the company has achieved "more than half of time,Over half of the task of unloading and unloading "。In the future work,Xintian Caofeidian Company will continue to adhere to the principle of safety first,Continuously improve the level of ship connection and unload,Help the company's major development strategy landing,Add bricks to open a new chapter of the development of natural gas energy in Hebei Province。

                                            (Xintian Caofeidian Company Zhou Yuhui Fulfu)