Digital empowerment water supply service technology injection development vibrant Langfang Qingquan water supply company comprehensively improves service quality
Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2024-06-20

In recent years,Langfang Qingquan Water Supply Company follows intelligence、Digital development trend,Guided by user needs,Relying on the "Internet+Water" platform,By constructing intelligence、Integrated、Integrated service mode,Comprehensively improve European Online Sports Betting 2024service quality,Continuously strengthen citizens to get water for water、Happiness and satisfaction,Injecting new vitality into the high -quality development of the water supply industry in our city。

    Smart Water Affairs to escort the service system for the "water steward".Relying on digitalization,Continue construction and improvement of smart water supply scheduling and business customer service management platform,Schedule from production、Real -time monitoring、Online videos to Yuanchuan meter copy、Li Hoshima Slot、self -service payment and other sectors,Build a stable water supply、Water Quality Guarantee、Pipe Network Maintenance、Customer Service Marketing and other process "Water Manager" service system。24 -hour online monitoring through the water supply scheduling system,Factory 2024 European Cup Live Football Score Bettingwater flow、Stress、The production data of water quality and the operation of the pipe network for remote control,To be more refined、More intelligent digital management realizes production、Operation、Maintenance、Safe full coverage,Further meets users' good quality of water、Water pressure foot、Demand with water with stable water,Comprehensively improve the efficiency of the service environment service of water supply。

    Online processing to create a "pinnacle" service.Always put user needs in the first place,From "What services do users" to "What services do customers need to provide"。In terms of service experience,Obtain water from "Outstanding Process、pressure time limit、Make efficiency、Strong Guarantee "to" Zero Gate、Zero Material、zero -run legs、zero approval ",Apply from customer European Cup 2024 top scorer oddson -site application to active on -site service,Application from offline to online application,Keep exploration to more efficient、Convenient service direction development。At the same time,Based on the smart water platform,Create WeChat public account、Online Business Hall、Fusion WeChat payment、Alipay and other payment channels,User can be at any time、A variety of channels "Moving Fingertips" can handle various businesses,Really realized the "online office", "palm office", "one Netcom office"。

    Fusion sharing agglomeration provides "one -stop" service.Company deepen integration sharing,Cross -industry、cross -department、Multi -department linkage,Water supply reporting business is included in the Municipal Government Service Center's Housing Construction Window,Users can handle The best European Cup 2024 betting sitesthe water newspaper business simultaneously。Upgrade through the internal system,reduction link、Material reduction、reduction limit,Liech with Langfang Real Estate Center Service Platform,Realize background data penetration,Real Estate Registration Center and users with water households synchronize。Toll Hall、Business Institute actively docking,Understand user needs,Enter the community on -site service many times,so、Efficiency is the principle,Direct "One -stop" registration registration、Water on the spot,Efforts to achieve the "zero legs" of the masses and corporate services,Then continue to optimize the business environment。

    Real -time monitoring and controlling water quality "use".Strictly control the water quality,Strengthening the "Online+Artificial Testing" management mode 2024 European Cup Live Football Scores Resultsof the factory water。Set 35 management network monitoring points from the source to the faucet from the city to,Monitor 10 indicators of water sources and factory water on the surface water plant every day,A conventional indicator detection of the monitoring points of each pipe network every week,Monthly water for water、Factory water、Pipeline Water for full analysis and detection of conventional indicators,Public water quality information on WeChat public account。Construct a full coverage of water quality detection system from water source water to production technology to the end of the pipe network,to achieve timely discovery、Time to process,Let each drop of water bring health、High -quality、Safe tag,Make the people more assured of water、Anxin、comfortable。

source Qingshui Run、benefits European Cup 2024 top scorer oddswithout fighting。Langfang Qingquan Water Supply Company will persist in focusing on user needs,Continuous promotion service mode innovation,Improve service brand gold content,Accurate efforts to solve the problem of urgency and sorrow of the daily water use of citizens,Fully create safety、Efficient、Convenient to use the water camp environment,Let the government rest assured、Social recognition、Mass satisfaction。

                                         (Langfang Qingquan Water Supply Company Zhang Yixin Supply Draft)