A Shijiazhuang Science and Technology Plan Project for Construction Investment 2024 European Cup Live Football Scores Resultsand Water Corporation passed acceptance
Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2024-06-17

Recent,Relevant industry experts invited by Shijiazhuang City Science and Technology Bureau、Tsinghua University、The Shijiazhuang Science and Technology Plan Project "The best European Cup 2024 betting sitesThe intelligent management Research Research and Development of Water Supply Pipeline Network Based on the IoT Data of Water Households IoT Data" completed by Ruitian Technology Co., Ltd.。

Experts at the meeting heard the project European Online Sports Betting 2024acceptance self -evaluation report,Review of the project funding final account report and related materials,Watch the system demonstration,After inquiry and discussion,I agree that the project's cleaning and management of multi -source heterogeneous data、Big Data Analysis、Lack of data processing、Machine deep learning、Multi -factor pipe network mathematical model rate and other technologies conducted in -depth research,The best European Cup 2024 betting sitesThe intelligent management system of water supply pipeline network based on water -based IoT data was developed,Apply and obtain 4 pieces of invention patents、Computer software copyright 3 pieces,Published 2 academic papers,Completed various assessment indicators stipulated in the task book,Obvious economic and social benefits,Wide application prospects,Agree to pass the acceptance。

The first -level investigator European Cup 2024 top scorer oddsat the Shijiazhuang Science and Technology Bureau Jia Liang gave a high degree of affirmation of the scientific and technological R & D activities and external cooperation of the CCT Investment and Water Affairs Company,I hope that the Construction Investment Water Co., Ltd. will further support the technology research and development and related activities of Shijiazhuang City。Zhang Zili, chief engineer of Construction Investment and Water Affairs 2024 European Cup Live Football Score BettingCompany, said,The company will further use the project application channels and preferential policies provided by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau,Applying more high -quality technology projects,Get more practical results,Help local economic development。

(Confer Manuscript of Chen Siyi, CCT Investment)