Yingfeng Summer War, high temperature, responsibility to protect water supply
Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2024-06-17

Come on for even day,Continuous high temperature roasting ground,Residents ushered in the peak period,Jianhuang Water and Water Affairs Company Liyang 2024 European Cup Live Football Scores ResultsWater Plant continuously overloaded,The highest daily water supply has exceeded 130,000 tons,Production and operators enter the state of intense "preparation",With high fighting spirit and firm determination,Make every effort to protect the city's water supply "lifeline"。

At high temperature,Water plant high pressure、The operating temperature of the power distribution facility is the focus of close attention。To ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment and facilities,Pay close attention to high pressure、The operating temperature of the power distribution facility,At all time to ensure the safety of personnel European Online Sports Betting 2024and production equipment,Timely cooling measures,Prevent equipment failure or damage due to high temperature。

To relieve water supply pressure,Schedule personnel to strengthen information communication with the heat preparation water plant,Makes ready to open the second water pump to turn on the heat -reserve water plant at any time,Relieve the water supply pressure of Puyang Water Plant,Make every effort to ensure the safety of the majority of users with water。At the same time,Machine repair personnel strengthen the inspection of the water pipeline,Check and maintain the water pipeline,Focus on 2024 European Cup Live Football Score BettingTable wells、Pump、Pipeline、Valve、Flow Meckets and other equipment and facilities for comprehensive inspection,Repair and replace the problem in time when found problems,Make sure the equipment and facilities run normally,Make sure that the pipeline is unimpeded。    

The impact of the quality of raw water for high temperature weather,Increase the detection frequency of raw water and factory water,Strengthen water quality management。Monitoring instruments and handheld meters online,Real -time monitoring of water quality indicators,and adjust the processing process in time,Make sure that European Online Sports Betting 2024water quality meets national standards。

To ensure the normal water of residents during high temperature,Repair personnel are equipped with repair supplies in advance,Optimized construction plan,Accelerate the repair speed,Try to shorten the duration of water stop,During the water supply for water supply to a residential area,Maintenance personnel with full pressure 6.5 kg assault complete the water supply task of water supply in the PE110 community,Maximum guaranteed water supply unblocked。At the same time,Increase large water consumption、The inspection intensity of the water supply pipe network in The best European Cup 2024 betting siteskey areas such as the old community,Discovery leakage and hidden dangers are processed as soon as possible。

Since June,Construction Investment Heng Water and Water Affairs Company handles more than 510 snapped maintenance,Inspection and Management Network 22461 meters,266 valves,60 water tables,Fire 106,33 other facilities,Discovery 13 places,Early investigation、Early discovery、Early disposal。To ensure the basic water requirements of residents during the maintenance period,The company's business center dispatches a water truck for nearly 20 vehicles,Service users more than 2024 European Cup Live Football Score Betting1200 households,Ensure that the service is continuously file during high temperature,Water is guaranteed。

(Conferring Li Hongwang of Hengkou Water Affairs Company)