Zunhua Thermal Electric Company solidly promotes 2024 European Cup Live Football Scores Resultshidden dangers to investigate and welcomes the heat of the heat
Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2024-06-14

Recent,Hebei welcomes extreme high temperature weather,In order to welcomes the peak summer electricity, the power guarantee,Zunhua Thermal Electric Company takes the "Safety Production Month" activity as an opportunity,Special Action of Special Action for the Investigation and Management of Hidden Danger The best European Cup 2024 betting sitesto Welcome the Summer。

Analysis of the quality and abnormal parameters of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the power generation operation,Do a good job of expected important equipment and defects,Check the air conditioner of each power distribution room in the plant area,In -depth inspection of cold -end system equipment such as circulating water,Make sure to be in a good backup state。Increase The best European Cup 2024 betting sitessafety training,Strengthen the management of the operation unit,Add important equipment inspection frequency,Pay close attention to the trend of the parameter change,For the oil system、Electrical bearing temperature and other parameters for key monitoring,Timely adjust and optimize,Ensure that the unit leader has a high load load and stabilizing supply。

All members of the Equipment Management 2024 European Cup Live Football Score BettingDepartment participated、Comprehensive coverage,Precise policies to carry out hidden danger investigation special governance,Do a good job of operating parameters of outdoor equipment,Pay close attention to the transformer、Generator、Inverter、Electric and other equipment runs,Through comparison of previous historical data,Ensure hidden safety hazards "early discovery、Early 2024 European Cup Live Football Scores ResultsTreatment "。Investment of air -conditioning systems in the production area、Main system valve、Unit protection and automatic investigation,Elimination for the crew welcomes the peak summer war.。

                                               (Zunhua Thermal Power Company Li Fanghu Min Fang Huang Qiaoyun's Draft)