Fang Qinhui, deputy general manager of Hebei Construction Investment Group, taught party The best European Cup 2024 betting sitesdiscipline learning and education special party lessons
Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2024-07-09

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Fang Qinhui systematically explained the development process of the party's disciplinary construction system in the party class,Concerning the focus of this party discipline study and education,Analysis of the specific requirements of the "Six Discipline" and inner logic。RequirementsParty organizations at all levels of Xiong'an company and party members and cadres must stand on a firm support for the "two establishment",Resolutely achieve the height of "two maintenance",The importance of deep understanding of party The best European Cup 2024 betting sitesdiscipline European Online Sports Betting 2024learning and education、Necessary,Promoting the normal long effect of party discipline learning and education。One isTo improve political standing,Enhance the implementation consciousness in deepening understanding。The second isTo clarify the focus of learning,Enhance discipline consciousness in deep learning。Three isTo strengthen overall planning,Organization and implementation of responsibility at all levels。

Combined with the next key work of Xiong'an Company, Fang Qinhui request,All cadres and employees of the companyOne is、Chairman Mi Dabin's 2024 European Cup Live Football Scores Resultsrequest of Comrade Party Class,Do a good job of production safety before the Third Plenary Session of the 20th Central Committee of the Party、Letter and visits stable、Flood prevention and rescue and other tasks,Guarantee the company's system's safe and stable period during the plenary meeting,Make sure it is everything;The second isTo combineXiong'an company itself、Features of the project formats affiliated,Scientific planning marketing management strategy,Actively absorbing the successful experience of domestic 2024 European Cup Live Football Scores Resultsadvanced European Cup 2024 top scorer oddsenterprises,Eliminating a car behind closed doors;Three isWe must continuously promote the optimization of the main business layout,Each project company should actively connect the local government,Reasonable use of existing capital resources,Taking "Urban Comprehensive Operation Service" as the development goal,Fully integrate the company's entire industry chain resources,Efforts to form a joint force;Four isWe must focus on the "one enterprise, one policy" task target,Clear solution to the idea one by one、Refined solution、Implementing disposal European Cup 2024 top 2024 European Cup Live Football Scores Resultsscorer oddsmeasures,It will prevent resolving debt risks、Control project business risk as the core task,Continuous enhancement existing and follow -up project profitability。

After listening to the party class,The majority of party members and cadres said,It will further tree concept of discipline、Strengthen discipline awareness、Strictly observing disciplinary regulations,Effectively internalize the obedience to the discipline,Externalization,Promote the quality of the company's various tasks to improve efficiency。

(Conferring in Xiong'an Company)