Secretary of the Party Committee of Hebei Construction Investment Group、Chairman Mi Dibin Teaching Party Disciplinary Studies and Education Special Party Lesson for the Party Member Cadres of the Group
Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2024-07-01

    7month 1,Hebei Construction Investment Group held a special party lesson and warning education meeting for party discipline and education,Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group Company、Chairman Mi Dibin Teach a special party lesson to the party members and cadres of the group system。Member of the Group Leaders,middle and above leading cadres,Direct Management Company、Some important third -level companies are mainly responsible for comrades at the main venue to participate in the meeting,Members of the leadership team of other system companies and middle -level cadres through video participation。

 Mi Dabin provides disciplinary party lessons for "Strengthening the Construction of the Party's Disciplinary Construction for the Group's High -quality Development"。He pointed out,We celebrate the 103rd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China in the form of a special party lesson,I hope I can use the opportunity European Online Sports Betting 2024of the party lesson,Learn with your comrades,Common communication。

    Mi Dabin in the party class,It emphasizes the significance of the Party Central Committee in the whole party to carry out party discipline and education,RequirementsParty organizations at all levels of the group system and the majority of party members must stand at the global height of the party and the state.、Grasp the dimension of history and reality、depth of the daily words and deeds、Find the angle of work and life,Further deepen the understanding of strengthening the importance of party discipline construction,Continuously enhanced revolutionary forging、Truth creation、High consciousness of practical shaping。

Mi Dabin's request, deep understandThe importance of strengthening party discipline construction.Around the nature of the party、The history of party discipline construction expounds the importance of disciplinary construction, at the same timeprofoundly explained the significance of discipline to party organizations and party members and cadres。

Mi Dibin requested to deeply understand General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on comprehensively strengthening party discipline construction,EmphasizedImportant discussions For strengthening party discipline construction、It is significant to promote the development of the party in the strict and strict governance of the party。Requires the general source of the party constitution is the general source of the party's discipline and rules、Discipline of Yan Ming Party is the The best European Cup 2024 betting sitesfirst to be strict political discipline、Strengthen the organization's organizational discipline、Disciplinary rules become a high -voltage line、Promoting the normalization of disciplinary education、Promoting the responsibility and supervision responsibility of the main body always understand the scientific connotation and practical requirements of important discussions in the six aspects。

    Mi Dabin's request, wantDeeply grasp the main content and practical requirements of the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China"。

     The best European Cup 2024 betting sitesTo resolutely implement the party's line policy and policy,Perseverance uses the party's innovation theory to cast the soul,Consolidate the results of the theme education,Do deeper political supervision,The spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions and the major decision -making deployment of the Party Central Committee and the implementation of the major decision -making deployment and implementation in place,Constantly improving political judgment、Political understanding、Political Execution,In firm support for the "two establishment"、Resolutely achieve the "two maintenance" as an example。

     Second, we must strictly abide by organizational discipline.The principals of party organizations at all levels must fulfill the responsibility of good discipline management and education,Other members of the team should do a good job of disciplinary education within the scope of their duties,Disciplinary inspection and supervision department must focus European Cup 2024 top scorer oddson "key minority" strengthen disciplinary education,Strengthen supervision and discipline accountability,True organizational discipline in the heart、Externalization of Xingxing,Resolutely achieve the "four obedience" on the table。

Third, strictly abide by the discipline of integrity.Party members and leading cadres must strictly adhere to the discipline of integrity,To maintain the political true nature of righteousness and integrity,Strengthen the education and constraints of people and people around me,To defend morality、Shouji、Strikes,In honesty industry、Power of integrity、Integrity and slim body、Honor on the home of integrity。

Fourth, we must strictly implement mass discipline.Must adhere to the people first,The correct concept of political achievements that are firmly established and practiced by the people created by the people。We must continuously improve the ability of serving the masses,Improve the quality and efficiency of the masses。To cultivate and grasp the overall situation、The ability to deal with complex problems,Good at high from a global height、High observation and thinking of politics,Persistence in principle and flexibility,Comprehensive use of various methods to deal with problems,It is in accordance with regulations and discipline and law,Trust the trust of the staff and the masses,Make an example on the mass line of the party in the new era。

Five must strictly abide by work discipline.To grasp it accurately、Strictly abide by the party's work discipline,European Online Sports Betting 2024Always maintaining a forging gesture,Vigorously promote the spirit of reform and innovation,Continue to work hard,Resolutely correct formalism、bureaucracy,Seeking truth and pragmatic、Diligence and responsibility to make an example。

Six must strictly abide by the discipline of life.To grasp it accurately、Strictly abide by the party's life discipline,Take the lead in practicing the core values ​​of socialism,Careful implementation of the spirit of the eight regulations of the Central Committee,Strictly restrain yourself,Advocate Simple Life,Pay attention to family tutoring family style,Self -warning、Self -mentioning everywhere、Inspiration,In Ming Dade、Shougong morality、Yan Private virtue as an example。

    Mi Dabin emphasized,To enhance the firm consciousness of party members and cadres to learn the discipline of the discipline, Ming Ji Ji Ji,Provide strong discipline guarantee for the group's high -quality development。To persist in catching both hands、Two Promotion,Let's carry out the development of party discipline and education with the implementation of the major decision -making deployment of the Party Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee、The important work arrangement of the provincial government,Completion of the key work of the enterprise is closely combined,Each measure of party discipline learning and education has become an effective measure to promote the key work of enterprises,Provide a strong discipline guarantee for the company's high -quality development。To promote the in -depth integration of party discipline learning and education 2024 European Cup Live Football Score Bettingwith the party's construction; organically combine the development of party discipline learning and education with the solution of outstanding problems; closely integrate the development of party discipline and education with the promotion of high -quality development of enterprises; grasp the rules and discipline and promote development Dialectical Relations。 

Mi Dabin emphasized,To carry out party discipline learning and education,Persist in grasping the current in the long run、Good for the overall focus,The situation of advance judgment,Precise grasping the general trend,Keeping strategic fixed force、While promoting strategic development,Timely adjusting and optimizing business strategies due to potential guidance,There is a basis for advanced and retreat、A degree of offensive and defensive。We must adhere to the two -wheel drive of industrial investment and capital operations,Relying on scientific and technological innovation and management innovation,Continuously stimulate and enhance internal vitality。We must adhere to high -quality development and high -level security and benign interaction,Operation according to law,Comprehensive and strictly governing the enterprise,Perseverance bottom line that does not occur without systemic risk,Build a sustainable development foundation; we must adhere to strengthening the party's leadership and party building,Implement "two consistent",Promote the spirit of the great party,Construction Kang as a cadre employee team with the heavy responsibility of first -class state The best European Cup 2024 betting sites-owned capital investment companies。

Mi Dabin finally emphasized,The Third Plenary Session of the 20th Central Committee of the Party will be held from July 15th to 18th,This plenary meeting is very important,Pay attention to the group up and down,Carefully do the safety production of various enterprises、Letters and visits stable、Welcome to the summer、Flood prevention and rescue、Energy Conservation and other tasks。To make an emergency plan、With special force、Formulate practical and feasible prevention measures、Pay attention to the implementation of responsibilities,The security and stability of the group system during the club of the group system,Make sure it is all lost。After the Third Plenary Session,All units should study and propagate and implement the spirit of the meeting in a timely manner。

     The party documentary "Strings of Tight Discipline" were broadcast at the meeting.

   (Supply of the Party and Mass Work Department of the Group)