Hebei Construction Investment Group held the first half of 2024 & ldquo; three years、Five -year strong & rdquo; Special action scheduling meeting
Source: Hebei Construction Investment Group Time: 2024-06-28

6month 28,Hebei Construction Investment Group held in the first half of 2024 European Online Sports Betting 2024"Three years、Five -Year Strong "Special Action Schedule,Listening to the special report of various enterprises,Comprehensive deployment and scheduling "Three years、Five -Year Strong "Special Action" Next work focus,Corporation chief engineer、Chief Scientist Mei Chunxiao attended the meeting and spoke,Group Science and Technology Information Department、Related Direct Management Company、Smart Finance Company, etc. to participate in the meeting。

Mei Chunxiao pointed out,European Online Sports Betting 2024"Three years、Five -Year Strong "Special Action" Special Action "since the implementation of the special action,Each company attaches great importance to、Actively advance,Positioning technological innovation as the first engine for supporting transformation and development,R & D investment science、Orderly Collection,The Group's special operations are solidly and orderly to promote the implementation。2024 European Cup Live Football Score Betting2024,Special operations from "upper steps" enter the "strong strength" stage,According to the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government、Related requirements proposed by the Provincial SASAC,2024year,The main direction of the group's innovation and development will be transformed from expansion to improving the overall technology investment efficiency、Let scientific and technological innovation truly empower the group's transformation and development effectiveness。Facing the above requirements,Group scientific and technological innovation work faces new opportunities and challenges。

For the next stage of work,Mei ChunxiaoEmphasized:European Online Sports Betting 2024Open the meeting requirements immediately after the meeting,In contrast to the annual goals and the completion of the first half of the year,Combined with the "Special Action" work plan formulated at the beginning of the year、"Seven Strong" Struggle Objectives, etc.,Check the leakage and supplement,Clear again、Refine the implementation of the annual scientific and technological innovation work plan,and establish flexibility for targeted manner、effective incentive mechanism。Second is active deployment and ensuring implementation.Complete the decomposition of the annual target and work plan、After the revision,Quick deployment of related work implementation,Enterprises that have not carried out scientific and technological projects this year to carry out the project as soon as possibleSupervision major iconic technology project development,Make sure the scale of R & D investment and the effectiveness of scientific and technological innovation.,Make sure the annual goals are on time、The shelf life is completed;Third, research policies and benefit enterprises empower.The Group has repeatedly proposed that various enterprises should actively carry out the application of various technological -benefit enterprise policies such as additional deductions,This year,The Group has added special assessment for extraction deductions for the first time,and set a two -dimensional extra points for different scale companies,Each enterprise must study policies carefully,Technology、Effective linkage formed by the financial department,Station with the local tax departmentExtreme communication,Fighting policy to enjoy the policy,Make the innovative dividend really empower the development of enterprises。

Participating companies reported the "Three Years in the first half of the year、Five -Year Strong "Special Action" and the work plan in the second half of the year,Group Science and Technology Information Department introduced the Group's 2024 about R & D investment、Add to deduct the special assessment plan。

This meeting summarized the "Three Years in the first half of 2024、Five -Year Strong "Special Action" Special Action ",condensed consensus for innovation and promoting development,Lay a solid foundation for the successful completion of the annual task goals of the special operation。

(Supply of He European Online Sports Betting 2024Mingru of the Group's Science and Technology Information Department)