The Group's system hosts the first period of the party to join the party in 2024、Development object training
Source: Hebei European Online Sports Betting 2024Construction Investment Group Time: 2024-06-25

        6Month 18th to 20th,Hebei European Online Sports Betting 2024Construction Investment Group held the first period of 2024 to join the party activists、Development object training class。More than 270 development targets of the group system and active elements joined the party to participate in training。Deputy Minister of the Organization Department of the Group's Party Committee Wang Qian made a opening speech。

European Online Sports Betting 2024In the opening speech,Wang Qian's proposed,First, to establish the correct motivation to join the The best European Cup 2024 betting sitesparty,2024 European Cup Live Football Score BettingDo your mind、Preparation for the party to join the party。Think about the problem as a member of the Communist Party、Do things。Second, all students must abide by discipline、Obey Management,A target of training。To cherish rare learning opportunities,Strictly abide by the discipline,Obey trainingClass Management,Concentrated energy,Learning at peace,Establish a good image of the party's reserve army。

Special teaching to build party nature.The training class is "Interpretation of General European Online Sports European Online Sports Betting 2024Betting 2024Secretary Xi Jinping's Essays on the Party's Self -Revolution" and "Improving the Awareness of the Party School、Strengthening Party Hen's Cultivation "," Drawing Power from the Centennial Years "," & LT; Chinese Communist Party Disciplinary Disciplinary Regulations & GT; Interpretation ", the theme has been conducted with a rich topic lecture,Effective improvement of students' party spirit cultivation,Play "Party Heman background"。

Quality training, communication sharing.In the interactive 2024 European Cup Live European Cup 2024 top scorer oddsFootball Score Bettingclassroom "Lifetime Growth",Students understand the difference between fixed thinking and growth thinking,Master the method of lifting lifelong growth, Clarified life and career goals。In the evening class, "Why am I joining the party? What kind of Communist will I be a Communist Party?",Let the students think deeply about joining the party,Actively play the role of party members in future practice。

Knowledge tests to promote evaluation.Online evaluation after the training,I have comprehensively European Cup 2024 top European Online Sports Betting 2024scorer oddssorted out and consolidate the knowledge learned,Exam 80 or more is qualified。

This training,further corrected the motivation of party members' development objects and activists who joined the party,Education guides to build the foundation of faith、Make up the calcium of the spirit,Late a good foundation for becoming a qualified Communist Party member in the future。

                (Group Party Committee Organization Department  Li Xiaona confession)