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Secretary of the Party Committee of Hebei Construction Investment Group、Chairman Mi Dibin meets the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Guoreng Sales Group、General Manager Yang Xigang and his line
July 16,Secretary of the Party Committee of Hebei Construction Investment Group、Chairman Mi Dibin meets the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Guoreng Sales Group、General Manager Yang Xigang and his line。Deputy General Economic Division of the Group Corporation、General Manager Bai Zhijun, the general manager of the operation and management department, accompanied the meeting,National Sales Group Sales a one、Transfer Coordination Department、Logistics Management Department and Guoneng Sales Group North China Company Relevant responsible comrades attended the discussion。Mi Dibin welcome Yang Xigang to visit,He said,Guoreng Sales Group has a long -lasting cooperation with Hebei Construction Investment Group,It has provided security and stability guarantee for Hebei Jianjian coal,The two parties work closely、sincere collaboration,jointly maintained the reliable and stable supply of electricity in Hebei region ...
30032 billion! The total assets of Hebei CCT Group exceeded the three hundred billion yuan comprehensive strength to the new level
& ldquo; As of the end of June 2024,Total assets reached 3,00032 billion yuan,Total profit 3.103 billion,58.6%of the annual task。& rdquo; This set of dazzling data,The annual transcript from Hebei Construction Investment Group,Behind grade,It is the in -depth practice of General Secretary Xi Jinping's study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's reform and development of state -owned enterprises and important expositions of party building,It marks the comprehensive strength of Hebei CCT Group to reach a new level,Get new results in various tasks,High -quality development realizes new leap。 In recent years,Hebei Construction Investment Group focuses on creating politics、Outstanding performance、Innovation driver、Governance of modern first -class state -owned capital investment companies,Strong foundation ...
Maotian Capital Company held the third board of directors、The first meeting of the Third Supervisory Committee
July 12,Maotian Capital Company held the first meeting of the third board of directors and the first meeting of the 3rd Supervisory Committee。The meeting is deputy general manager European Cup 2024 top scorer oddsof the group company、Chairman of Maotian Capital Company Qin Gang chaired,Group Corporation General Accountant、Liu Jinhai, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Maotian Capital Company attended the meeting,Company's directors、Supervisors attended the meeting,The company's leadership team and middle management personnel attend the meeting。The meeting reviewed and approved the company's "2023 Board of Directors' Work Report", "2023 Supervisory Board Work Report", "2023 General Manager Work Report", "2024 Work Plan"。will be on,Directors of the company、Supervisor ...
Construction Investment Digital Company held the second board of directors、Meeting of the Supervisory Board
July 12,Hebei Construction Investment Digital Industry Co., Ltd. held the first meeting of the second board of directors and the first session of the 2nd Supervisory Board。Company's board of directors、Members of the Supervisory Board attended the meeting,The company's business team and related personnel attend the meeting。Hebei Construction Investment Group General Accountant、Liu Jinhai, Director of CCD Digital Company, attended the meeting。The meeting was chief engineer of Hebei Construction Investment Group、Chief Scientist、Chairman Mei Chunxiao, chairman of Jianchu Digital Company。The meeting elected the chairman、Deputy Chairman,Listening to 15 proposals such as the "Proposal on the General Manager of the Company"。The Supervisory Board meeting elected the Chairman of the Supervisory Board,I heard and reviewed "2023 ...
Hebei Construction Investment Group Party Committee organized a professional skills competition of party affairs
To celebrate the 103rd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China,Further improve the professional level of party building work at the grassroots party organization of the group system and ability to perform duties in party affairs cadres,July 11,Hebei Construction Investment Group Party Committee held the first party affairs professional skills competition,107 players from 28 teams from party organizations at all levels of the group system participated in the competition。Member of the Party Committee of the Group、Trade Union Chairman Lu Guangzhao,Wang Xianpu, deputy director of the Party Construction Department of the Provincial SASAC,The person in charge of the party affairs department of the group,Members of the leadership team of the party building work in various direct management companies、The responsible comrades of the party building work department attended the event。 This competition is for all party workers of the group system,The competition is divided into preliminary and finals ...
Hebei Construction Investment Group Chief Engineer、Chief The best European Cup 2024 betting sitesscientist Mei Chunxiao taught party discipline education and education special party lessons
According to the general arrangement of the party committee of the group's party committee,July 9,Group chief engineer、Chief The best European Cup 2024 betting sitesscientist Mei Chunxiao uses the rules of discipline,Forever Cleaning Colors "is the topic of party discipline education and education.。The Party Branch of the Group's Science and Technology Information Department、All party members of the Digital Company Party Branch and active members of the party attended the meeting。Mei Chunxiao focuses on studying and implementing General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on strengthening the party's disciplinary construction,Around the implementation of the "Regulations on the Disciplinary Action of the Communist Party of China",I taught you a simple briefing for everyone、Vivid and profound special party lesson。Mei Chunxiao pointed out,Carry out party discipline learning and education in the whole party,Yes ...

Enterprise Dynamics

Enterprise dynamics

涿 & & ldquo; mobile business hall & rdquo; help residents' convenient payment
Recent,The staff of the service center of the High -tech Zone of Jianzhou Construction Investment Water Company innovative work method,launched & ldquo; mobile business hall & rdquo;。Deepen the community for on -site answers、Transfer process、Water supply contract signing、One -stop all -round service with water appeal records,Provide difficult solutions for the difficulty of paying for the elderly residents。A few days ago,Service Center when accurate data analysis of the revenue system,It is found that the remote transmission meter recovery rate of the Household House No. 6 of the Property Exploration Bureau of Puzhou City is less than other courts。Visit the staff on the spot,Communicate with the property staff and find out,The resident structure here is more special,Most of them are the elderly,and very ...
Co -construction & ldquo; Love Station & RDQUO; Building & ldquo; Warm Heart Harbor & MDASH; & MDASH; rdquo; officially enable
In order to implement the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, insist on grasping the grassroots level,Deeply practicing General Secretary Xi Jinping & ldquo; centered on the people & rdquo; development thought,Caring and service outdoor workers,Under the guidance of the Federation of Trade Union of the Nanda Port Industrial Park,Recent,Cangzhou's & ldquo; outdoor worker love station & rdquo; officially unveiled and enabled by Cangzhou。Love Station is established in the charging hall of The best European Cup 2024 betting sitesWater Supply Company in Nanyang Port,To solve the difficulty facing outdoor workers of the Yucai community in Cangzhou City during work、Drinking water and other actual problems,The water dispenser is equipped inside the station、seat、Air conditioner、Love First -aid Medicine Box and other basic equipment。At the same time,The unit is still electronics ...
The first sewage equipment technology innovation of Cangzhou supply drainage company won the national patent
Recent,A practical new patent "A pre -processing device for the sampling of online nitrogen instrument for the biochemical pool of the sewage plant" declared by Cangzhou supply drainage company obtained the National Intellectual Property Office.,This patent is developed independently from the sewage treatment branch,It is the first technological innovation of the sewage treatment section based on the strategic deployment and green low -carbon operation requirements of Cangzhou water supply.。Wish to know,Carbon source costs account for more than 60%of the cost of the entire sewage treatment agent,The nitrogen instrument located at the end of the biochemical pool is used as the accurate investment of carbon source & ldquo;。but,Traditional control based on the total nitrogen -based nitrogen of the biochemical pool end ...
Langfang Qingquan Water Supply and Water Supply Co., Ltd. fully deployed flood prevention and supply work to ensure that citizens' water safety is safe and worry -free
Positive & ldquo; 7 times and eight & rdquo; critical period of flood control,Extreme weather。Langfang Qingquan Water Supply and Water Supply Company actively take measures,Grasp the dangers during the flood supply period,Make every effort to ensure the safety of the city's civil water。 In terms of flood control supplies and equipment,Water production company has completed a comprehensive inspection of flood control equipment,and equipped with sufficient flood control materials。Among them, including life -saving equipment、Lighting equipment、Drainage equipment、Power generation equipment, etc.,It provides a powerful guarantee for the emergencies。Especially in important areas such as water picking and water supply pump rooms,Flood control sandbags,Effectively prevent stagnant water from entering the workshop,Make sure the safe operation of water supply facilities。In the emergency water supply guarantee capability side ...
Caofeidian Water Supply Company obtained another national patent
Recent,Caofeidian Water European Cup 2024 top scorer oddsSupply Company successfully obtained a national practical new patent,It marks that the project has made major breakthroughs。This project is independently developed by Caofeidian Water Supply Company Management Network,The project team starts from long -distance water pipeline concrete pipes.,Through the summary and accumulation of years of construction experience,Research and analysis of the problems existing in the construction link of the blocking agent,Determine the goal of optimizing improvement,Successful design and manufacturing one -stop grouting equipment,improved the entire material、ingredients、Stir、Mechanized of the construction of the feeding irrigation、Automation ...
Construction Investment Engineering Company Xing Taiwan Electrical Water Project Department Electric Electric Instrument Class was awarded the national health enterprise construction health team demonstration case
Recent,2023 National Health Enterprise Construction Characteristic Case Collection Selection Campaign was announced by the Chinese Enterprise Federation and the Chinese Entrepreneurs Association.。The case of the health team of the Electrical Team of the Xingtai Electrical Water Project Department of the Construction Investment Engineering Company stands out of the number of participating cases,Demonstration cases for the national health enterprise construction health team。In recent years,The company's party committee and union have always regarded the construction of healthy enterprises as the core work priority,Efficient leadership and careful guidance of the health promotion activities of all subordinate units,It aims to improve the quality of life of employees in all directions。Not only focuses on optimizing employee health service infrastructure,I introduced psychological counseling、...

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Caofeidian Xintian LNG Co., Ltd.: Tongshi and Tongli to build a spiritual home
The construction of spiritual civilization is a powerful magnetic field that condenses the hearts,More strong quality、Exhibition style、An important project of the image。Caofeidian Xintian LNG Co., Ltd. All cadres and employees under the correct leadership of Xintian Company,firmly use the construction of spiritual civilization as a long -term task,Strong grasp。The spirit of all cadres and employees is new,Directors' entrepreneurial 2024 European Cup Live Football Scores Resultspassion is unprecedentedly rising。As of now,The construction of Tangshan LNG and external transmission pipeline projects steadily advanced,It is expected that the project is fully completed,In the Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei region, 16.8 billion cubic natural gas supply,It will fully improve the natural gas emergency peak adjustment and supply guarantee capabilities in the Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei region。...
Singing the soul and the party away,Solidarity Struggle New Sacrifice Jianjun Urbanization Company continuously promotes theme education and goes deeply
In -depth implementation of Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era,Comprehensively study, propagate and implement the 20th spirit of the party,Jianjun Urbanization Company combined with annual work arrangements,Opportunity to learn and implement Xi Jinping's theme of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era,Strongly carry out a series of activities,Constantly improving the combat effectiveness of grass -roots party organizations,Ensure that party history learning and education is implemented。 a、Pay high attention to thorough deployment,Gathering for the development of the development of the notice issued by the party committee of the higher level,Building an investment urbanization company attaches great importance to,Hold a special meeting for the first time to arrange deployment,The meeting requires the majority of party members to raise political standing、Deepen thought ...
Turning "Drum Bell" to "Dumbbell" to do a good job of CCon Energy Disciplinary Examination "The second half of the article"
To further deepen the work of anti -corruption of construction investment,Combined with the relevant requirements of the construction of disciplinary inspection and supervision and disciplinary inspection and supervision teams in the new era and new situation,The CCP Energy Discipline Inspection Commission is doing a good job of disciplinary review & ldquo; in the second half of the article & rdquo;。Investment Energy Company is widely distributed,Many staff,The characteristics of wide business coverage,From the various cases that have occurred and investigated in the construction of the energy system in recent years,Do a good job of disciplinary review & ldquo; The second half of the article & rdquo;,It is also a direct manifestation of anti -corruption work & ldquo; cure combination & rdquo; maximum performance,For the establishment of investment ...
The best European Cup 2024 betting sitesYangquan Thermal Electric Company Project Spring Festival official resumption and re -production
February 9,The best European Cup 2024 betting sitesYangquan Thermal Electric Company held a start -up and re -production launch meeting。The person in charge of the supervision unit and the total contract unit made a statement,It means safety、Guarantee、Complete the annual milestone plan on schedule;、Safety inspection、The implementation of the safety responsibility system for all staff and the recent key safety work have been carefully arranged and deployed。Deputy General Manager of Yangquan Thermal Electric Company Lu Xueqian, on behalf of the company, put forward earnest expectations,I hope that all participating units and all builders will be in construction,Ensure personal safety,Guarantee project safety,Continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work,Gathering Power,Efforts to complete the annual investment of the project ...
Nine highlights help Shahe Power Generation Company High -quality Development
2022,Shahe Power Generation Company Facing the epidemic prevention and control、Power guarantee、Power guarantee、Key work such as technological innovation,Actively implement the company's decision -making deployment,Scientific Plan、Coordinating and taking into account,Decisively implement a series of conventional、Breakthrough work measures,Go all out to grasp safety、Power protection、Control of coal consumption,Complete the work tasks of annual safety production in the world。The company is safe、Environmental Protection,Focus on key difficulties and tasks,Continuously upgraded for environmental protection control、Coal price soaring、Deep peak adjustment normalization and other unfavorable situations,Do a solid & ldquo; dual control & rdquo; system construction、Steady Promoting 7S production civilization governance、Strengthen defective reliability management、excellent ...